How To Read Someone’s Text Message Without His Phone?

Are you planning to spy on someone’s text messages without using his phone? Then you must read this article. In this article, we have provided some information on apps that will help you spy on others.

You can do everything from viewing their messages without using their phones or tracking their locations without their knowledge. Previously it was impossible to spy on someone’s text messages without having their phones.

But this was made possible after technology advancements and new spying software have come into the market for different functions. Now it is possible to spy on someone’s text msg without having their phones in your possession.

You can read incoming and outgoing texts of anyone you want to spy on without their phones.

How To Read Someone’s Text Messages Without Having Their Phone?  

The mSpy site will help you track messages from target phones without having the person’s phone in your possession. You can follow the steps given below to achieve your goal.

Step 1: You must visit their website,, and enter your email address to purchase a plan as required. Immediately after this, you will receive login credentials in your entered email address.

Step 2: Then, you have to select the device of the person you want to spy. You have to ensure that you have the device’s physical access. Physical access is only required for a few seconds while the software is being installed on the device.

Later you can access the text messages remotely without needing the device.

Step 3: Then, you have to select the targeted device manufacturer. By manufacturer, we mean the company the device belongs to, like Samsung, LG, Xiaomi, Google Pixel, Motorola, Huawei, or any other manufacturer.

Step 4: After selecting the manufacturer of the device you want to spy on, select the Android version of the phone. Next, disable the PlayProtect option.

Step 5: After downloading the app on your device and following the on-screen instructions to configure mSpy.

Step 6: Tap on the dashboard of mSpy. After this step, your mSpy account will be set up. Then allow the mSpy app to track the record for some time. Then it will send the information back to the server.

Step 7: After you have finished setting up the app, you can visit the mSpy dashboard and select the text messages option. Now you can start tracking messages from the targeted device.

Step 8: Now, you can read the messages from the targeted device without physically having possession of it. Also, the targeted person wouldn’t even have the knowledge that you are spying.

Few Other Similar Tools To View Someone’s Messages  

There are many spying tools available similar to mSpy in the market that you can use to view someone’s messages without accessing their phones. Some of these devices are listed below.


mSpy phone tracker is software that allows users to track a person’s location. The software also lets you block inappropriate websites on the device you have targeted. However, the most important use of this software is to access the targeted device’s content like GPS coordinates, text messages, shared media content, and more.


Spyine phone tracker is an application that tracks targeted phone locations by tracking real-time GPS-based tracking. You can remotely access someone’s SIM card with this app. With this app, you can view targeted device content, from messages to media content. And it offers free sign-up.

Sign-up is free on the Spyine app, and the app is supported on both Android and iOS devices.


uMobix is another mobile app that monitors a target phone’s activities like call logs, messages, social media, GPS location, etc uMobix app also lets you capture screenshots from the targeted phones.


Hoverwatch is a phone spy app that lets you view messages and calls from the targeted phone. This app lets you view information from target phones without being detected or possessing the phones.

This app is developed so that the target phone user cannot detect that his/her phone is being tracked or accessed.


KidGuard tracking app for mobiles lets you track your user’s phone activities remotely. You can access any phone files using this spying app from any location. This spying app also offers live alerts when your child enters or exits boundaries. It is one of the best spying apps for mobiles.

This spy app also allows users to capture screenshots from target phones. This app can also be used to track the location of target phones.


Flexispy spying app helps you read text messages from the target phones without having access to the target device. This spying app has an amazing feature that helps you record surroundings through ambient recording. You can deactivate or uninstall this app from anywhere without the target phone user’s knowledge.

The app lets you view all received and sent messages with their timestamp and contact details.


Hope this article was able to provide you with tools to view messages and other phone activity from targeted phones without having access to the target phone. Let us know which app you chose from this article to spy content from targeted phones.


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